Jennifer Binder - ACE cerified &

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS) Certified


Growing up I had a passion for health and fitness from a very young age. My mother is a registered dietician and I was pushed to be active as a child. I was a huge cardio bunny and loved running. In school, I participated in track and cross country from a very young age. In 2013 I began to experience pain in my right hip and and was told by a doctor that I was no longer able to run and would need to find other ways to workout. I began to read about lifting and started to make my own workouts to experiment in the gym with. Once I saw how quickly my body was changing I wanted to learn more so I hired a coach and he convinced me to prep for my first bikini competition. My first prep was pretty easy because I've always been a pretty clean eater and the enjoyment I had after stepping on stage gave me the desire to keep pushing  my body to new limits. I began prepping for more shows and switched trainers so I could be a part of a competition team. This new trainer had me eating almost little to no fat, hardly any carbs and no veggies. Along with all that I was doing two hours of cardio a day with an additional two hours of lifting. I began to feel exhausted and moody all of the time. I knew this was a downhill battle and I wouldn't be able to continue it if it stayed this way. In desperation I reached out to Amber Dawn Fokken with ADO fitness and began a new world of prep with her. Amber taught me how to utilize IIFYM and implement it with prep and I began to feel more energy than I had in months. I finally began to feel like myself and enjoyed prep again. I did the entirety of my building and cutting for my last show utilizing IIFYM and flexible dieting. I felt empowered and no longer binged because I was able to eat a variety of foods and I never felt deprived.  I also came in better and fuller for my show than I ever had before and ended up taking first place! Im super excited to help others find this empowering feeling and learn how to use flexible dieting and/or just a healthy way of living whether it be for prep or everyday life. 



Show Credentials 


3rd Place Bikini Masters - Upper Midwest Fargo 2014

4th Place Bikini Open Class F - Upper Midwest Fargo 2014

1st Place Bikini Masters - Steel World Alabama 2014

Overall Bikini Masters Champion - Steel World Alabama 2014

2nd Place Bikini Open Class F - Steel World Alabama 2014

3rd Place Bikini Masters - NPC Tim Gardner Tampa 2014

3rd Place Bikini Open Class F - North Start Minnesota 2014

1st Place Bikini Open Class F - Upper Midwest Fargo 2014 

2nd Place Bikini Open Tall Class - Branch Warren Classic Omaha 2015


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"I haven't been this low on the scale for 2 years and thats when I had mono.  Its really amazing feeling when you feel lean and light and you weigh yourself and you are lighter than you excepted. Im definitely  seeing and feeling a lot of awesome changes with my body!!! I love trusting the process!! Seriously, its the only thing that has gotten  me this far with my dream body. THANK YOU!!!”  -Maddie Spohn


"Ive always struggled to Maintain a weight where I feel confident when Im not in prep. I finally feel like I can maintain this weight and its actually enjoyable losing the weight”  -Stephanie Peters 


"Thank you!!! Yes I'm so happy!! I just looked back at where I stared from and its crazy how much more food I'm eating and how much lighter/tighter I feel" -Kristen DeMuth

"An open minded diet philosophy

that creates sustainability

for the individual" -ADOFitness

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