Monthly payments can be made as well via paypal to

*We pay the taxes on this- so don’t charge you tax*

"Prep" Package - Competition Based

minimum of 12 weeks

This package is for the individual looking for a coach for competition prep. Bikini, Figure, Physique, or Bodybuilding. This package will include usage of text/email and accountability mechanisms.


Key Elements to package:

Covers workout- posing- chat about progress and goals

Diet plan: included

Workout plan: included

Supplement advice: included

Online/text/telephone coaching: included

Weekly check Ins: included

Team events: invited to all

Added to team private fb page

Assistance setting up tan, hotel, etc. for event if needed

Assistance from other coaches: Amber, Jennifer, Joey, Trista, Tara


Prep Package Pricing

12 weeks- $1400.00

16 weeks- $1500.00

24 weeks- $2000.00 

32 weeks- $2400.00 (800 off normal price *3,200.00*)

36 weeks- $2600.00 (1000.00 off normal price *3,600.00*)

52 weeks- 3700.00 (1500.00 off normal price *5,200.00*)


"Nutritional Guidance" Package- 12 weeks

This package is for the individual looking for nutritional guidance help in reaching a physically fit physique yet doesn't necessarily want to compete. We can assist you

in reaching your goals through small changes in nutritional guidance based off current body composition and ending goals. We also offer workouts and monthly program

design to assist with reaching these goals as an addition

to this package, much like the prep package for competition athletes.


12 weeks of Nutrition:

Avg. $150 per month x 3 months=$450.

*Changes will be implemented only when need be, otherwise bi-weekly nutritional changes will most likely occur. Nutrition Changes will be made basedoff individual stats/ body composition changes/and when needed.



“Macro Adjustments/IIFYM” Package- 12 weeks


Feeling lost in the gym? Just need to change up your routine? This package is for those who either want to start a routine, are looking to freshen up their current routine, or need help achieving physique specific goals. This package includes monthly workouts specifically created for your lifestyle and goals.


Avg. $100 per month x 3 months = $300.

*Workouts are based on individual body stats/goals/

current activity levels and individual ability.




This package is for the individual who is already familiar with macronutrients and the IIFYM lifestyle. If you are someone who has experience with tracking your macros and are looking for someone to set your macros based off your goals and add the accountability of weekly adjustments based on progress this package is for you!

12 weeks of Macro Adjustments:
$100/month with weekly adjustments x 3 months = $300.

12 weeks of custom workouts:
Avg. $100 per month x 3 months = $300.
*Workouts are based on individual body stats/goals/current activity levels and individual ability.

Total monthly for macro adjustments only= $100/month.

Total monthly for workout program only = $100/month

Total monthly for both macro

adjustments/workouts = $200/month

12 weeks Pre-paid in full= $600


Payments can be made monthly or paid in full. All payments must be made using PayPal to - or to the specific coach you are in contact with via their ADOFitness PayPal account.  If choosing to make monthly payments, client must agree to auto-pay for the 3 month commitment. Once program design has been initiated and first payment has been made, no refunds will be given.


Please inquire by clicking on the contact tab and we can get you to your goals in no time!



“Custom Workout” Package- 12 weeks

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