Suzie Rice - The American Fitness Institute-Certified Personal Trainer


As far back as I can remember I have been athletic and interested in health.  I started running cross-country in fourth grade and as the years progressed my interests and love of competition did too. By the time I was in high school I was playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, and running track. It was during my time as a high school athlete that I began to learn about the benefits of weight lifting and nutrition. Instead of my usual Skittles and Big Macs, I learned to fuel my body with nutrient dense food, after which my athletic performance skyrocketed. My effort paid off with the offer of a track scholarship for college however, academics trumped track at that time and I had to learn how to split the need to do well in academics with my love of sports and being active. Throughout college I played recreational sports and took formal weight lifting courses as electives. These courses focused not only on physically lifting weights but also on theory and principles related to lifting and overall conditioning.  All of this information fit in well with the chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy and physiology that it took to earn my first bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology. Along the way I was also getting a personal lesson in the injuries suffered by athletes and how to rehab them. After graduating with my first degree I attended nursing school and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, followed by pursuit and achievement of a dual Masters in Nursing and Public Health.  So how did I go from academic nerd to bikini competitor? Simple. I needed a new physical challenge and competing seemed like a natural transition for me. As the newest ADO coach I am in my rookie year of competing but I am a veteran when it comes to health, fitness, wellness, and balance. I am a caretaker by nature and am passionate about helping people create healthier lifestyles and habits in order to become the best version of themselves.  

Show Credentials 

1st place bikini novice-Seven Feathers 2016

2nd place bikini open-Seven Feathers 2016

Future Competing Plans:

Emerald Cup April 2017

Junior Nationals June 2017



• Masters in Nursing Education & Public Health-Oregon

  Health & Science University

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing-University of Portland 

• Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology-University of Oregon

• American Fitness Institute Personal Trainer Certified


Nursing Experience:

Adult Acute Care, Adult Trauma, Pediatric Critical Care and Rural Nursing 

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"An open minded diet philosophy

that creates sustainability

for the individual" -ADOFitness

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