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Sports have always been a huge part of my life but Pole Vaulting was my one true love. I even ended up setting my high school and college school record and taking first place in the district my last year in college. Unfortunately it ended up being my last year because I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Getting diagnosed with an incurable disease that you will most likely die from is not something anyone is ever prepared for and I quickly realized that I had two options. I could continue to feel sorry for myself or I could do everything in my power to stay positive and work with it.  Since choosing option two, my life has seriously changed for the better and I truly believe that your body will achieve whatever your mind believes. You just have to believe it! 

I started by changing my diet. I had heard about Flexible Dieting from one of my boyfriends friends (Amber) through Facebook and decided to give it a shot. I calculated what my macros should be and started seeing changes rather quickly simply by putting the right nutrients in my body and making it to the gym even when I wasn't feeling up to it. I now had more energy, my muscle tone was coming back and so was my self confidence. I even had multiple people at the gym ask me if I was training for a show. Curiosity got me though, and I reached out to Amber asking her thoughts on competing more so for a career move then anything else and decided to do it. I ended up taking second place at two different shows that fall, overcame so many obstacles along the way, and was finally feeling back to my old self! 


I love helping people change their lives, help ease their pain, and build up their self confidence! This is where I truly found my love for health and fitness and being able to positively impact other people's lives to living a way they never thought possible.


Show Credentials/PoleVault Credential 

2nd Place Open Bikini C- Washington Ironman 2014

2nd Place Open Bikini D- Seven Feathers Classic 2014•

All American Track Athlete Pole Vault 2010

All American Track Athlete 4x1 Relay 2010 
NWAACC Pole Vault Champion 2012 
All American Track Athlete Pole Vault 2012
Lane Community College Pole Vault School Record 3.61m



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for the individual" -ADOFitness

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