Trista Anderson - NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS) Certified


From a young age I’ve enjoyed being active and playing sports. I have always been someone who has practiced a healthy lifestyle by intuitively choosing nutrient dense foods that are figure friendly and also fuel performance.  However, there is more to how our bodies work than what we put in them. Psychological factors affect us more than any other component in our daily lives. The mind determines how we perform and what we choose to eat.

I began my competing career in a very strict repetitive diet. I went 15 weeks eating the same foods over and over again, without allotted cheat meals. The strict diet caused a complete shut-down from friends and family, a social life is almost non-existent, and you feel alone. No individual should put their mind or body through such a vigorous program. I did win my first few competitions, but it also came with a cost. I suffered from BED (binge eating disorder) and it took years to learn how to intuitively eat again. Had I started with flexible dieting methods, my life would have taken a different course.  I could have avoided the struggle with bingeing and the very depressive times that crippled my progress. However, this experience allows me to share my story and understand/empathize to those who have endured similar experiences and may also need help regaining control. Flexible dieting allows you to reach your fitness goals without interruption to your mental health, family life, and overall happiness. It is a sustainable tool that can be utilized throughout the lifetime. I am continuing my competing career today with a much healthier approach, and love to help others who desire to better themselves.


Show Credentials

1st Place and Overall Bikini C Class - NPC Oregon Ironman 2011

1st Place Bikini Open C Class - NPC Washington Ironman 2011

1st Place and Overall Bikini C Class- NPC Seven Feathers 2011

3rd Place Bikini C Class - NPC Emerald Cup 2012

3rd Place Bikini C Class   NPC Emerald Cup 2013

National Shows

5th Place Bikini D Class - NPC Jr. Nationals 2012

5th Place Bikini D Class - NPC Jr. Nationals 2013

7th Place Bikini D Class - NPC Team Universe 2013





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"I honestly can not begin to explain how happy I am, not just about the positive changes I'm seeing in my body but also the crazy mental shift I've experienced. In the recent past including the few weeks before I decided to contact ADO I have had such a hard time with binge eating from being over restrictive on myself but I haven't once in the past 3 weeks experienced even the urge to eat outside my set macros and have seen such an improvement in my overall mood and quality of my training sessions. I am so excited to see what we can achieve with my physique in the next few months :) "

- Sharyssa Major-Piercey


 “This progress is crazy to me because most days I have to make my self eat an extra sweet potato or a couple oz of chicken to reach my macros and I'm already full. But I'm losing weight by eating a lot. I never thought that could be possible. Im even having chips and cookies and ice cream some days, watching my servings of course, but still WOW.  I'm feeling so good and I have so much energy, before I had no energy and would skip the gym because just the thought of it made me tired. I'm enjoying this process and I have you to thank for that!! # ADO”  - Kristen


“I know it’s not check in day but I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how excited and empowered I feel learning a new way to eat. It’s so nice being able to eat the things I love and not feel horrible about it.  I’m really grateful for your help in teaching me this. Its amazing how much kinder I am to myself when I don’t have a strained relationship with food.  Being slowed down with my back troubles I was really starting to feel stuck and now I am hopeful again :)” - Jess


 “Hey girl! First let me start by saying thank you...from the bottom of my heart, thank you. This last week, I have felt so good. I have been stronger, happier, and my tummy has not been nearly as hungry! I feel good, bottom line.” - Amy

"An open minded diet philosophy

that creates sustainability

for the individual" -ADOFitness

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